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Curcumin WS (POWDER) Curcumin WS : Alcohal consumption causes some amount of stress to liver tries to nullify this effects with its own defense mechanism.High alcohol consumption puts additional stress on the liver which can become a big reason to worry in long run Each pouch contains extracts of: Curcumin (Turmeric extract 10%)-1gm Streamline pharma is the leading manufacturer of exclusive range of herbal and food supplement products The company holds Drug Master File for its active ingredients (raw material) using ethanol and CO-2 extraction facility to improve the efficacy and result of our products. We use standardised botanical extracts, food supplement, spice extracts and active ingredient of natural plant origin to maintain best quality of raw material in making of our products. Herbal medicines are effective method to fight high anti hangover, memory booster, wound healing effects, anti inflammatory, anti oxidant , kidney system For more details call us: /8360575455 Bhubaneswar (ODISHA)-08079442522,
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